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Back issues

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Issue 57

sponsored by Qingcao Fireworks Mfg. Co. Ltd.

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

It contains fascinating features:
A year’s blog of what happens at a firework company plus a look at ten years of Jonathan’s Fireworks

If you use fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
LOCEF punishment deletions and Lies, statistics and politicians with Potassium perchlorate problems

It provides commentaries on recent events:
Andy Hubble looks at the tragic events for the firework industry at Marlie Farm plus News from the major firework competitions with A visit to Kimbolton Fireworks

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Completing the firework life cycle - from cradle to old age and The inside story of the remarkable career at Standard of John Woodhead plus The sad demise of the Dinton Bonfire Society after over 100 years

It amuses and entertains you:
The famous cartoons by Sturtz and That World Record Rocket attempt plus The Standard kennel firework - and the first firework after the War while Chris Pearce is the Firework Personality

It provides you with practical information:
The European Standard and Writing firework CVs

It supplies firework news from around the world:
New Zealand Notes returns plus news from India with nostalgia from 50s Australia

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Article on, and pictures of, Leeds Castle Spectacular 2009 and many pages of Standard illustrative nostalgia also Those Argos nostalgia items - in glorious colour plus Display pictures from Kempton Park and Blackpool etc.

It remembers major firework figures:
Edwin Bailey and his replica early fireworks are remembered

It keeps you up to date:
Three new books with amazing detail on fireworks

It provides the unusual:
Barry Sturman explores the byways of pyrotechnics - in this issue considering the pyrotechnic tyre patch and The remarkable story of the Great Panjandrum

Writing in issue 57: Ron Lancaster; Phil Dunford; Jon Culverhouse; Ken Fifield; Chris Sturtridge; Mark Fleming; John Woodhead; John Bennett; Bill Davis; Glenn Plume; Andy Hubble; Martin Guest; Barry Sturman; Mike Thomson; Mat Lawrence; Michael Glover; Patrick Hickey; Jonathan Young; Kerry Cue; Nigel Village and A N Lealand

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