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Welcome to Fireworks Magazine

What does Fireworks contain?

All colour Fireworks provides information, news and views about fireworks; includes nostalgic pictures of fireworks of the past and stunning display pictures. History and nostalgia feature in articles as well as the information you need to use fireworks. Recognised by the firework trade, articles are authoritative and written by the best writers.

Why was Fireworks started in 1982?

Although now a magazine covering every aspect of fireworks, one of its original aims was to ensure that old fireworks and firework memorabilia were not lost. Fireworks admirably continues that endeavour, publishing pages of colour pictures of fireworks which ensure that those who smelt the smoke before and during the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies are able, again, to enjoy seeing the fireworks of the past, and younger enthusiasts to see what they missed!

You can download the authoratative Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics free of charge

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Regular features include...

  • Information: legislation updates, investigative editorial; news from around the world; essential advice

  • History and nostalgia. You can smell the Guy Fawkes Bonfires, with nostalgic pictures, many in colour, throughout the magazine.

  • An annual directory of UK firework companies; how to contact them and what they provide

  • Letters; Reviews books, videos, CDs, DVDs etc.; cartoons and fun

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Britain's premier pyrotechnist praises Fireworks

In his book, Fireworks: Principles and Practice, Rev. Ronald Lancaster makes the following reference to Fireworks: 'I am grateful to... John Bennett, the Editor of the excellent U.K. magazine Fireworks. This magazine has done so much to encourage an interest in fireworks and to keep some of the history intact'.

Other Services from Fireworks

Fireworks is not just a magazine. We provide firework greetings cards. Fireworks offers a distribution service - to get your job filled or your message across (send your brochure this way); a directory, and sells books about fireworks. We will advertise your company at small cost. For enthusiasts we offer a list of suppliers of fireworks and displays. The website offers free information - lists of firework displays and news.

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