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issue 81

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It covers the important firework issues: Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill would mean the end of garden fireworks in that country if enacted; It showed as ‘good’ on the system prior to the show, but the cue failed to fire - Jon West tells us why and what to do about it; Global implications of carrier price rises; Where we previously had no Notified Body - now we have two - and it’s a very expensive development; Jon Culverhouse has some important information about firework sustainability - more grist to the mill

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It delves into firework history: Chris Hutchison recalls the firework factory that never was; Chris Pearce investigates the world of firework competition from its earliest days; Have you ever heard of the nineteenth century company, Forder and Cox Fireworks? - Michelle Fox-Rousell has and she tells their story
Fireworks is 40 years’ old: We celebrate with Back Issue Bonanza - you can obtain four back issues for the price of one

It covers the firework world: Pyrotex record another success in Lithuania; Sergio writes about La Colombina;

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: Insurance Experts with their new insurance scheme; Technical articles from Ettore Constestabile and Geoff Smith; News about Kimbolton Fireworks

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: A great series continues, written by Graham Wilkinson; Ron Lancaster tells how it all began for him in Kimbolton; Mike Strophair continues the series - The Forest Fireworks Story; Barry Sturman completes the Brock’s Fireworks story - in Australia; Harry Smee records incidents from Brock’s history; We have a new author - Joe Neal who writes nostalgically about his Uncle Idwal!

It amuses and entertains you: We really laughed at this cartoon by Sturtz - celebrating the Jubilee year! Another cartoon series comes from 1940; Bill Davis is back with the Judging Year
We remember: Rodney Clark - his story told by Tony Cardell, Mik Amabilino and Keith Webb

It provides the facts: Sally Bates describes her experiences at Southport

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Pictures of Brock’s, Pain’s and Standard fireworks of yesteryear; set pieces as we knew them

Contributing to this issue: Graham Wilkinson; Chris Hutchison; Chris Pearce; Andy Hubble; Ron Lancaster; John Bennett; Barry Sturman; Chris Sturtridge; Ettore Contestabile; Mike Strophair; Bill Davis; Geoff Smith; Harry Smee; Joe Neal; Jon West; Sergio; Tony Cardell; Keith Webb; Mik Amabilino; Sally Bates; Jon Culverhouse Lyn Smith; Michelle Fox-Rousell
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Issue 81 is sponsored by Fully Fused Fireworks

Sponsored by Fully Fused Fireworks

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